Our Vision, Our Mission and Value

Our Brand Story:  The Big Picture : Always Thinking Forward, Always Moving Forward.

When Serial was born in 1988, it did not just want to be a distributor of electronic components to its manufacturing markets. It wanted more.

More than just an electronic components distributor, Serial System strategically bridges the gap between suppliers and manufacturers all over Asia and beyond.

We help our business partners and clients, which include global chipmakers and manufacturers of consumer electronics, plan their inventory needs, add value and mitigate business risks.

Over the years, Serial System has built a robust international distribution network not only for electronic components but also finished products for end consumers.

By moving forward, Serial helps its partners to be more competitive in the marketplace, today and in the future.

Our Vision

To be the leading distributions of microelectronics components and consumer products distribution partner, known for our dynamic demand creation activities, extensive network and strong local expertise.

Our Mission

To provide a wealth of growth opportunities for our stakeholders.

Towards our partners –We provide market insights to our business partners to enable faster time-to-market. To our suppliers, we help expand their market reach. To our customers, we provide innovative and competitive solutions.

Towards our staff – By empowering our staff with the right resources and looking after their well-being, we help them to be their best at work, grooming them to be our leaders of tomorrow.

Towards our shareholders – We strive to make steady progress in every aspect of our business, providing our shareholders with consistent and favourable dividend yields.

Community –By staying in touch with the community, we are able to contribute in ways that are close to their needs.

Our Values

Progressiveness –Derived from the drive to achieve our targets and the courage to change for the better.

Empowerment – Encouraged by giving our staff the power to make decisions.

Efficiency – Arose from working smart, doing our work well, and using our resources effectively to serve our customers and suppliers well.

Teamwork –Striving towards a common goal in one spirit – despite our cultural or individual differences.