Bull Will Co., Ltd.

Bull Will Co., Ltd. (“Bull Will”), a 14.28%-owned associated company of the Group, is listed on the Over-The-Counter Securities Exchange in Taiwan.

Bull Will, which started as a passive electronic components distributor, has over the years, transformed itself into a company with capabilities in research and development, design and manufacturing of a full range of magnetic components for electronic products.

Bull Will’s products include sensors, over-current protection devices, control systems and discrete components. These components are widely used in power supplies, LCD monitors, smartphones, notebooks, servers, air-conditioners, automotives, solar inverters and more.

Bull Will’s vertical integration, production capacity and technical expertise enable it to quickly adapt to customers’ requirements and achieve the best price, quality and delivery. Bull Will aims to be the leading supplier of magnetic, passive, electromechanical and discrete components with demand-creation capabilities for all tiers of customers in the electronic industry.

Bull Will also holds a 100% equity interest in subsidiary, Trustbond Technology Corp., a well-known spot supplier of electronic components in Taiwan which it acquired in October 2021. Trustbond Technology Corp. has an extensive customer base of more than 1,500. The synergistic effect from Trustbond Technology Corp. will enhance Bull Will’s services to its existing customers and the development of new customers.

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Bull Will has two manufacturing plants in China and about 140 employees.