Contract Sterilization Services Pte Ltd

Contract Sterilization Services Pte Ltd (“Contract Sterilization Services”) is a 75%-owned subsidiary of the Group that assembles and distributes medical devices. It offers a full range of standard and customised perfusion tubing packs, which are marketed all over the Asia Pacific region and is the preferred choice of many leading hospitals.

Contract Sterilization Services utilises the best components from the United States and Europe, and customises the majority of its products to suit customers’ stringent demands. Its engineers and technicians work closely with customers and clinical consultants to provide the best solutions to complex problems and applications. Contract Sterilization Services abides by the principle of total quality management, from initial contact with clinical professionals to the delivery of sterile finished products that meet stringent requirements. Its reputation for quality and innovative designs is a result of consistent attention to materials, machining and manufacturing techniques. Contract Sterilization Services is ISO 13485-certified and its perfusion products bear the coveted CE certification mark.

Ophthalmic and Cardiovascular custom procedural packs are newly developed products which include the comprehensive list of items required for surgical procedures of the eyes and heart.

Contract Sterilization Services is strategically located at the Medtech Hub@Tukang. The Medtech Hub is a government initiative that aims to promote Singapore as Asia’s medical hub.