Corporate Social Responsibility

At Serial System Ltd, we believe business is inseparable from the society. It is this belief that Serial System Ltd has over the years played an active role as a responsible corporate citizen. Our social responsibility practices are broad in scope and focus on contributions to the poor and needy, preservation of Singapore heritage, education and art programs and disaster relief programs.

In 2010, Serial System Ltd contributed a total of $142,000 to a variety of programs and organisations in Singapore.

Contribution to the Poor and Needy

Every Lunar New Year, Serial System Ltd visits the Tai Pei Old Folks Home to distribute Lunar New Year goody bags and red packets to the old folks. These visits are accompanied by traditional lion and dragon dance performances. 2010 marked the 16th year of support we have given to Tai Pei Old Folks Home.

In 2010, a total of $92,000 was donated to various charity foundations such as the Community Chest, North East Community Development Council, Singapore Children’s Society, Children’s Cancer Foundation, The Singapore Association for the Deaf, National Council of Social Services and Hua Mei Centre for successful ageing to extend Serial System Ltd’s welfare aid to the poor and needy in Singapore.

Contribution to Preservation of Singapore Heritage

In 2010, Serial System Ltd donated a sum of $50,000 as part of its commitment of $150,000 to San Jiao Sheng Tang Buddhist Association to rebuild the 69 years old Jin Long Si Temple. Founded in 1941, the temple provides free vegetarian meals each day to more than 100 aged and impoverished devotees residing in the temple premises. The temple has also been active in contributing to the grassroot organisations in aid of the poor and needy.