Corporate Social Responsibility

At Serial System Ltd, we strongly believe that society and business are inseparable. It is through this belief that Serial System Ltd has played an active role as a responsible corporate citizen over the years. Our social responsibility practices have been broad in scope and focus on contributions to the poor and needy, education, sport, medical and art programs, disaster relief programs and preservation of Singapore heritage.

In 2012, Serial System Ltd contributed a total of $399,000 to a wide variety of programs and organizations in Singapore.

Contribution to the Poor and Needy

Every Lunar New Year, Serial System Ltd visits the Tai Pei Old Folks Home to distribute Lunar New Year goody bags and red packets to the old folks. These visits are accompanied by traditional lion dance performance.

In 2012, a total of $244,000 was donated to various charitable foundations / programs to aid the poor and needy such as the National Council of Social Services, Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre, North East Community Development Council, PAP Community Foundation and Mendaki.

Contribution to Education and Medical Programs

In 2012, Serial System Ltd donated a total of $155,000 to various charitable foundations / funds / schools to support various education and medical programs such as Inmates’ Families Support Fund, Singapore Road Safety Council, Breast Cancer Foundation, SMU Term Fund, Lim Boon Heng Scholarship Fund and Nanyang Technological University.

For the $100,000 cash donation to Nanyang Technological University, this was matched by a $150,000 cash donation by the Singapore government. The total $250,000 donation will be administered in perpetuity under a scholarship named as “Serial System Ltd Bursary Fund” by Nanyang Technological University to aid financially needy students.