Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen is a cornerstone of Serial System’s culture. Through good times and bad we have remained committed to giving back to society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) efforts have had a broad reach to the elderly, the poor and needy, as well as areas like healthcare, education, youth development, arts, culture and heritage.

Our CSR beneficiaries in Year 2019 included citizens’ councils, PAP Community Foundation, Sian Chay Medical Institution, National Neuroscience Institute, National Youth Achievement Award Association, National University of Singapore and Singapore Badminton Association. Altogether, we have contributed S$481,000 to various causes and organisations in Singapore.

Caring for The Elderly, Poor and Needy

For more than two decades now, we have been celebrating each Lunar New Year with senior citizens of Tai Pei Old Folks Home, bringing them ‘goodie’ bags, red packets and festive cheer. Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 and in line with Singapore government health guidelines, the Company has decided to refrain from mass gathering activities to prevent the spread of the virus. Instead, we have arranged to deliver these goodie bags and red packets to the senior citizens at Tai Pei Old Folks Home for this Lunar New Year.

During the year in review, Serial System also donated a total of S$85,000 to various charitable foundations and programmes such as the five Community Development Councils, PAP Community Foundation Centres and Tiong Wah Qing Shi Ti Yu Hui.

Healthcare, Education and Youth Development

Since Year 2017, Serial System has pledged to donate S$100,000 annually to Sian Chay Medical Institution for a total period of 10 years amounting to S$1,000,000 to help low-income families from all races and religion by sponsoring their Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations and treatments. The third tranche of S$100,000 was disbursed in Year 2019. The Company further donated to Sian Chay Medical Institution S$250,000 in Year 2019 in support of the inaugural Sian Chay TV charity show – Sian Chay Bonding with Love Charity show.

In addition, we donated S$10,000 to National Neuroscience Institute (“NNI”) Health Research Endowment Fund. The donation will be used to procure a mobile Computed Tomography (“CT”) Scanner which will assist NNI to provide additional neuroscience care to its patients. This mobile CT scanner will save time in diagnosing life-threatening conditions during emergencies by providing rapid scanning, high quality imaging and real-time data to facilitate quick decisions for critically ill patients in the intensive care unit or operating room.

We also donated S$10,000 to the National Youth Achievement Award (“NYAA”) Association in Year 2019. NYAA Association aims to provide holistic development for young people to grow into well-rounded individuals and realise their potential through developmental programmes. This will assist them to take action and make a positive impact within their immediate community, the nation and the wider global society. For Year 2019, the Singapore government has set up a Bicentennial Community Fund, matching donations to NYAA Association dollar-for-dollar. A donation of S$10,000 was made to the National University of Singapore to further its mission to educate the next generation of professionals, nurture the spirit of innovation and enterprise, and inspire service to society.

We donated S$3,000 to Singapore Badminton Association, whose stated aim is to groom and support talented national team players in their quest for excellence in the sport and to promote badminton as a popular sport among Singaporeans. The vision is to establish Singapore as a top badminton nation in the world.

Other Contributions

In addition to supporting the elderly, poor and needy and various healthcare, education and youth development causes, Serial System also donated more than S$13,000 in Year 2019 to other charitable funds, community programmes and organisations in Singapore. Included in the S$13,000 was an amount of S$10,000 for the Society of Modern Management Singapore (“SMM”) to sponsor its 35th Anniversary Dinner cum 2nd Entrepreneur Conference. The SMM is a non-profit organisation with a membership base of about 380 business owners, representing multi-trades and industries. With Mandarin as its primary medium of communication, SMM conducts regular seminars to promote modern corporate management concepts and knowledge, assisting local and regional SMEs to increase their competitiveness and improve internal corporate systems.