Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back

Embracing responsibility as a corporate citizen and giving back to society has long been ingrained in Serial System’s ethos. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) started more than two decades ago, and we consistently upheld it annually ever since. Our outreach encompasses various sectors, including support for the elderly, the poor and needy, as well as contribution to areas such as culture and heritage, healthcare, education and youth development.

During the year under review, Serial System donated a total of S$219,000 to various causes and organisations in Singapore.

Caring for the Community

In 2023, we donated a total of S$119,000 to various charitable foundations and initiatives supported by the North West and North East Community Development Councils, Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, Stroke Support Station, Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society, Nam Hwa Opera Limited, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Malay Youth Literary Association, Volleyball Association of Singapore and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

In addition, Serial System has donated S$100,000 to Sian Chay Medical Institution, a charity organisation offering complimentary Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation and subsidized medications to the community. This commitment stems from a pledge made in 2017 to donate S$100,000 annually for a total period of 10 years, totaling S$1,000,000, aimed at delivering medical assistance to low-income families of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.