As of 1 October 2019, Toshiba Memory is now known as Kioxia, a unique name that combines the Japanese word kioku (memory) and the Greek word axia (value). The name Kioxia denotes the value of memories and the importance of storage in people’s lives.

 Backed by its heritage as industry pioneer and global leader in flash memory and solid-state drives, Kioxia helps the world meet new demands for high-performing, large-capacity storage and data processing. Kioxia Corporation has driven the technological evolution of flash memory from its invention of NAND flash memory in 1987 through its introduction of the latest 3D flash memory, BiCS FLASH™.

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KIOXIA SSD (Solid State Drive) for Business BiCS FLASH™ SLC NAND Automotive Memory Solutions Enterprise SSD Data Center SSD Client SSD Support SSD Security and Encryption
Personal Products SSD microSD Memory Cards SD Memory Cards USB Flash Drives

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