Lite-On Opto

An one of the world’s leading producers of optoelectronics, Lite-On Opto has sustained stable growth since it was founded in Taiwan in 1975. The key to our success is to monitor the market trends closely and develop products ahead of our competition. Most importantly, we delight our customers with expedient, reliable services around the globe.

As one of the worldwide major suppliers of opto devices supplies, Lite-On Opto is forging ahead with new product development. We are developing visible opto products such as ultra-bright LEDs for outdoor applications, full color displays, and a variety of surface mount LED devices. For product outside the visible range, we offer infrared emitters, detectors, photointerrupters, and photocouplers.

Products Categories

Automotive LED Flash LED
Lighting LED SMD Chip LED
Through Hole Lamp LED Display
Photocouplers Photointerrupter
IR Emitter and Detector IrDA
Optical Sensor

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