PixArt is expertized in CMOS image sensors (CIS), capacitive touch controllers and related imaging applications. With our extensive experiences in mixed-signal image processing design and systems development, we are devoted in the development of novel technologies to bridge the human-machine interface barrier. In order to meet specific customer product requirements, we also provide customized ASICs design services in addition to sensor chip designs.

We are currently the world-leading supplier in optical mouse sensor chips for conventional PC and high-end gaming applications, and is an industry leader for Smart Sensor SoC solutions incorporating CMOS Imager, optics and proprietary algorithm engines. With the comprehensive competencies in CIS design and development, PixArt is working to continuously expanding our application portfolios including Optical Navigation, Object Motion Sensing, Touch, CMOS Image Sensor, Health Management and Custom ASICs.

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Optical Navigation Touch
Integrated Chip Design Service Object Motion Sensing
RF Connectivity Wireless Audio SoC
Health Management CMOS Image Sensor

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