SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance, high quality analog IC design, marketing and sales. SGMICRO’s products have been widely used in cell phone, television, DVD player, digital camera, notebook computer, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, industrial automation, medical device, LCD display, etc.

SGMICRO’s experienced analog IC design team is the key to company’s success. The multinational design team consists of analog IC design experts with 20+ years of experience in IC design, layout, process, assembly, test and quality control. SGMICRO’s design expertise and continuous investments in R&D assure the performance and quality of its products match or exceed those of the world’s top analog IC suppliers.

Products Categories

OpAmp Comparators
Audio/Video Driver Analog Switch
Logic IC LDOs
DC/DC Converters LED Drivers
Level Shifter / Interface Load Switches
OVP ICs μP Supervisory Circuits
Li-Ion Battery Chargers MOSFET Drivers
Motor Drivers

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