TDK Corporation

TDK has refined its craftsmanship in manufacturing―Monozukuri―by making excellent use of five core technologies: materials technology that starts with ferrite; process technology to access all of a material’s properties; evaluation and simulation technology; production technology; and product design technology. These assets have allowed TDK to continuously innovate unique products of demonstrated value which have helped to advance societal and technological progress. Today, TDK offers its excellence in manufacturing across a range of product groups which include capacitors, inductors, transformers, sensors, actuators, magnetic heads, magnets, power supplies, batteries, and many types of electronic components and electronic devices.

Products Categories

Capacitors EMC Components
Inductors (Coils) Transformers
Ferrites and Accessories Noise Suppressing/ Magnetic Sheets
EMC Components Ceramic Switching / Heating, Piezo Components, Buzzers and Microphones
RF Components (Wireless) Magnets
Power Supplies Wireless Power Transfer
FA Systems Transparent Conductive Film

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