TE today solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories, and smart homes. Innovation that enables life-saving medical care, sustainable communities, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. For more than 75 years, we have partnered with customers to produce highly engineered connectivity and sensing products that make a connected world possible. Our focus on reliability and durability, our commitment to progress, and the unmatched range of our product portfolio enables companies large and small to turn ideas into technology that can transform how the world works and lives tomorrow.volume series, both as a standard version or according to customer specifications.

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Featured Articles and Newest Products

Portable Crimp Tools

TE Connectivity (TE) provides a wide variety of portable crimp tools. Whether you need manual tooling or something with more power, TE has the tool for you. Our SDE dies can be used across platforms from manual to pneumatic to battery-powered as your needs change.

Magnet Wire Equipment

Uniformity, Reliability and High Performance

Our line of magnet wire termination machines is designed specifically for terminating magnet wire pigtail splices, thru splices, coils, MAG-MATE products and Crimpband, among others.

New Surface-Marked Single Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

TE Appliances introduces its new surface-marked single wall, flame retardant (SWFR) heat shrink tubing products. These halogen-free single wall heat shrink tubing products meet the UL VW-1 flammability test specified by the UL 224 standard. New surface markings now provide for easy identification in the manufacturing process.


Inverted Thru-Board(ITB) connectors join the BUCHANAN WireMate family from TE Connectivity (TE), specially designed for use in linear and circular LED modules found in all sorts of commercial and industrial lighting systems.

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